July 4th 2015 – The Aftermath

Independence Day – a term synonymous with barbecue, beer, parades, concerts, family reunions, and American spirit. We know what to expect each year, but we still want to see something unexpected, don’t we? How was 2015 different on this day?
While the Greeks were preparing for a turning point in their country’s history, it was all fun and fireworks for the people of America. If you didn’t have the chance to be present at one of the celebrations that were organized in every city, you probably watched a livestream right from your home. No one is immune to July 4th.
Now that we are few days past the big events, we are ready for a detox and an aftermath. Let’s start summarizing the events that marked this year’s Independence Day.

The President’s Speech

President Obama, who spoke at the party on the White House South Lawn, used this opportunity to remind the military families that their sacrifices were for a grand purpose. That was a smart way to salute the heroes of this nation, who contributed towards the status and blessings that the citizens of the U.S.A enjoy.
“Freedom is not free,” – he said. “It is paid by all the folks who are here today and the folks who are around the world.” Of course, his words were followed by spectacular fireworks that reminded us why we have been waiting for this day so anxiously.

The Celebrations

If you could choose which events to be part of, Pittsburgh was the place to be. The river events for the 2015 EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta were canceled this year, but the land activities that lead to the magnificent fireworks were enough for the people to get into festive mode. The lack of boats, which were expected to add a flavor to the celebration, was certainly disappointing for some people, but there were still plenty of things to see and do.
The top 4th July events in New York City were: the game between Brooklyn Cyclones and Williamsport Crosscutters, the annual nighttime walking tour of Revolutionary War New York, the fireworks at Brooklyn Grange, the beach party at La Marina restaurant, Joe Bataan’s afternoon show, and IndieFest 2015.

The Celebrities

Among all other things we are expecting to see on this day, we are anxiously waiting for celebrities in costumes as well. Everyone wants attention! This year, the focal point was social media. Everyone important posted an update as a token of good times. Kate Hudson took things a bit further – she posted an Instagram video of her singing The Star-Spangled Banner. Cindy Crawford used a throwback photo to wish us happy holiday and to remind us why she was once considered to be the most beautiful woman on Earth.
Romance was also a big part of this weekend. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got married and attracted a lot of attention with their efforts to stay away from attention. Vanessa Williams also tied the knot with Kim Skrip. Billy Joel wasn’t a huge surprise; this is his fourth marriage after all. He and Alexis Roderick got married on Long Island.

… And a Little Chaos

The 4th of July weekend was even more fun than anyone anticipated, but the aftermath involves tons of dirty work. People are not picking everything after themselves when they attend beach parties. Beer cans, wrappers, boxes… hundreds of bags of trash are being picked up from the event locations.
Do you know what else people left behind? Dogs! The fireworks scared many of them, so animal shelters are doing their best to reunite the dogs with their families.
The most shocking event of the day was a shark attack: a US Marine was bitten by a shark near Surf City, North Carolina. The Marine was immediately brought to the hospital, but he was released five hours later.

Now that we’ve made a recapitulation, there is nothing left to do but to wait for the next Independence Day.