Jon Stewart Resides from Daily Show: the Overview

Jon Stewart, 52, was and still is the epitome of wit, humor, and common sense. With The Daily Show, he was part of every American’s life for over 16 years. When something happened in the world of politics, we were all interested in one thing: what does Jon has to say about it? That’s quite a reputation for a comedian to build. Stewart had an ability to make a powerful impression over people and lead them towards forming a certain opinion. Why was his so influential? – Because he didn’t try hard. Humor and satire have a mesmerizing potential when they come naturally to someone.
Scott Timberg successfully defined the reason for Stewart’s success in his article for Salon: “Unlike traditional news anchors, who kept a kind of TV-ready monotone no matter what the news of the day, Steward gets upset, mad, hurt, disappointed and everything in between.” That’s why we all loved him: he was one of the few TV hosts who managed to stay real behind all that makeup they wear.

A Successful Conclusion of an Impressive Career

Stewart took over The Daily Show in January, 1999. The public was used to Craig Kilborn, the original host of the show, so everyone saw the new anchorman with a great deal of mistrust. Nevertheless, we all identified Stewart’s unique approach as soon as we saw him in this role. In contrast to the comedian acts we were used to, his faced-paced speech flowed naturally and he managed to express the emotions we were all experiencing. With time, Stewart became the most trusted critic of American politics.
This TV host left quite a legacy behind him: he revolutionized the way people expected to see the news. The conservative media was placed in front of a huge challenge: we no longer wanted to see frozen presenters who seemed like they were allowing us to form our own opinions, but were taking sides nevertheless. John Stewart was impactful. He was not afraid to let everyone know what he thought. Whether we agreed or disagreed, we couldn’t stop watching him.

A Tribute to Stewart’s Most Notable Moments on TV

When Jon Stewart made the opening jokes about Clinton’s impeachment trial during his first take on The Daily Show, people did not know what to expect. He seemed a little confused; but that expression soon became the feature we recognized and appreciated him for.
If you had to choose the most memorable moment in his career, you would most likely think of his conflict with TV personality Jim Cramer. When Cramer appeared on NBC’s Today show, he defended his ruined reputation with the argument “The guy is a comedian.” Unintentionally, Cramer managed to capture the essential reason for Stewart’s influence over people.
The first interview with President Obama in 2010 was another shining moment in his career. He managed to present the President as a human. We saw something behind the suit and shiny smile; Barack Obama was suddenly someone we could relate to.
Yes, Jon Stewart is a comedian, but he also knew how to acknowledge confusion. He was a truthful depiction of an average American… with an obvious intellectual superiority. In the monologue about 9/11, he took the responsibility to talk about the events that we didn’t know how to cope with. That’s how we will all remember Stewart: not simply as an entertainer, but as someone who is always ready to face the reality.

A Career Ended with Dignity

For over 16 years, Jon Stewart was the critic this society needed. He achieved the impossible through his funny, witty persona: he made everyone exited to see the news. His achievements will be hardly comparable to anything that follows, but we still hope that Trevor Noah will manage to live up to the challenge.